cigarette smoking fetish

Welcome to my little page of smoking fetish.
Yes, I like to watch girls smoking cigarettes. I like the way they puff out the smoke, the way they suck on the cigarette...
female smokers turn me on.

smoking fetish videos

smoking fetish web cams

smoking fetish sites

smoking fetish webcams

Here you can chat with girl smokers online.
the registration if free but if you want them to take their cloths off for you as well - you'll have to pay a few bucks.
girl smoker girl smoker girl smoker girl smoker

smoking fetish sites

This sites have content with girls with cigarettes.
I haven't check all of them but I know they have smoking fetish content.

  • Smoking Foxes
  • Smoking Divas

  • smoking fetish videos

    bellow are some videos with chicks with cigarettes.
    They are embedded from a video group, I'll try to add more when I find the time.

    Ashley Judd smoking - nice smoke action
    Anna Friel smoking , she's in a bikini here, and in a bath

    thank you for visiting my page.
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