Foot Fetish and Foot fetishism explained

Foot fetishism is a pronounced fetishistic sexual interest in human feet, male of female.
It is also the most common fetish is the list of fetishes.

Scope of foot fetishism
A foot fetishist might be sexually aroused by viewing, tickling, sniffing, handling, licking or kissing the feet and/or toes of another person, some are aroused by having another person doing the same to their own feet.
Others enjoy having their genitals manipulated by their partner's feet to the point of orgasm or ejaculation (which is called a "footjob" in foot fetish terms, analogous to the concept of a "handjob"), or merely being touched by feet
or used as a foot-rest by another person.
Some foot fetishists prefer to concentrate on feet that are arched, others concentrate on relaxed feet.
Most foot fetish males prefer bare feet, while others may prefer feet dressed in certain types of shoes, socks or hosiery.

The response of one with a foot fetish to the foot is the same or very similar to arousal at seeing genitals (or the sex-specific features like female breasts).
Like other paraphilias, and other types of fetish - foot fetishism varies widely and can be highly specialized, therefore one fetishist may be aroused by elements another might find repulsive.
Some even concentrate on specialized scenarios, such as bare feet resting on a car dashboard, foot worship sessions, sucking on ones toes etc.
Thus there is often a blurred distinction between foot, nylon, pantyhose, shoe, dirt and similar fetishes.

A foot fetishist can be male or female (although males account for over 70%), and can have an interest in the feet of either sex, albeit usually parallel to their sexual orientation.

Foot fetishism is very common nowadays be the person successful, smart, popular, good looking or not.

Proposed explanations for foot fetishism
One explanation, advanced by neurologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, highlights the fact that the feet and the genitals occupy adjacent areas of the sensory cortex,
possibly entailing some neural crosstalk between the two.

An alternate hypothesis is that in many cultures, an infant's experience of its mother may involve crawling around her feet. If sexual/behavioral imprinting occurs during this time,
this might lead to the feet becoming the primary object of sexual arousal.

Another theory is that the shape of the human foot is distinctly phallic from certain angles and replicates the shape of either male genitals (explaining homosexual attraction to male feet),
or the curves of the female body (again explaining the tendency of heterosexual foot fetishists to be men).

Yet another theory proposes that visually, the feet and genitals occupy the same space within the sexual visual field that a male sees of a female, when the legs are raised for sex,
and that some males with a foot fetish are genetically brain imprinted to find parts of the body within that field as erotic.

Freud considered foot binding as practiced in China as a form of fetishism.
today almost all foot fetishists find china foot binding un-arousing, most find it repulsive.

no further research on this subject is known at this time.

source: wikipedia

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